Methylation and Methyl-CpG-Binding Domain Protein 2 Regulate the Cyclooxygenase-2 Gene Expression in Prostate Cancer
SIU Academy®, ShihHuan Su, 224340
How is Open Radical Prostatectomy Still the Best Option? A 25 Year Experience of a Same Surgical Team in Private Practice
SIU Academy®, Godofredo Neyra Lee Eng, 224361
68Ga Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen-targeted PET/CT Imaging Demonstrates Improved Detection of Multifocal Disease Compared to Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Whole Gland Histology As Gold Standard
SIU Academy®, Matthew Honore, 224379
Systematic Review and Meta-analysis to Determine a Valid Treatment Strategy for Vesicourethral Anastomotic Stenosis after Radical Prostatectomy
SIU Academy®, Daniel Pfalzgraf, 224398
Low Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy In The Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction: Early Experience At Tan Tock Seng Hospital
SIU Academy®, Nathaniel Hong En, 224430
Clinical Analysis of the Clavien Grade III-IV Complications of Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery
SIU Academy®, Lijie Zhang, 224450
Cumulative Sum Analysis of Learning Curve for Video-Assisted Mini-Laparotomy Partial Nephrectomy in Renal Cell Carcinoma
SIU Academy®, Jee Soo Park, 224467
Effects of Silodosin in Improving Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Secondary to Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Non-Responders to First α-1 Blocker: A Prospective Study about 94 Patients
SIU Academy®, Sataa Sellami, 224493
Management of Unexplained Upper Urinary Tract Hematuria by Flexible Ureteroscopy
SIU Academy®, Han Jinli, 224519
The Factors Triggering Spontaneous Migration of Double-J Stent after Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery
SIU Academy®, Turhan Caskurlu, 224544
The Double Lumen T10 Ureteric Catheter—An Under Utilized Tool in Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery (RIRS): A Single Centre Asian Experience
SIU Academy®, Lynnette Tan, 224967
Laparoscopic Transvesical Excision and Reconstruction in the Management of Anterior Colporrhaphy Mesh Erosion and Stones around the Bladder Neck: Video Abstract
SIU Academy®, Bum Sik Tae, 224983
Bi-Prong Forceps Renal Parenchyma Dissection to Overcome Renal Mobility During Percutaneous Tract Dilation
SIU Academy®, Mohammed Lezrek, 224999
PSA: Why 1.5 is the New 4?
SIU Academy®, E. David Crawford, 232195
Prostate Cancer Screening: Latin American Perspective
SIU Academy®, Arturo Mendoza-Valdes, 232194
Prostate Cancer Screening: American Perspective
SIU Academy®, Matthew Cooperberg, 232192
Suboptimal Uroflow After Urethroplasty: Masterly inactivity
SIU Academy®, Sanjay Balwant Kulkarni, 224414
Interposition of 'Double-Breasted' Peritoneal Flap in Vesicovaginal Fistula Repair
SIU Academy®, Catriona Duncan, 224389
Platelet Rich Plasma in Erectile Dysfunction
SIU Academy®, Raouf Salti, 224431
Percutaneous Tract Dilation Training on a Pumpkin
SIU Academy®, Mohammed Lezrek, 225002
Success of TURP in Urodynamically Proven Hypo Contractile Bladders
SIU Academy®, Panwar Gopesh, 224478
Vessel Sparing Anastomotic Urethroplasty for Pelvic Fracture Urethral Distraction Defects
SIU Academy®, Pankaj Joshi, 224992
Small Steps, Hand-in-Hand, Leaving No One Behind—One Possible Solution to the Growing Disparity in Global Surgery: The West African Experience
SIU Academy®, Emmanuel Abara, 224464
The Use of Unconventional Instruments in Emergency Room of Urology
SIU Academy®, Petrisor Aurelian Geavlete, 233301
Cystoscopic Stent Removal Using Smartphone
SIU Academy®, Shanky Singh, 224470
Session One - Prostate Cancer Screening and Prevention: Welcome and Introductions
SIU Academy®, Laurence Klotz, 232189
Prostate Cancer Screening: European Perspective
SIU Academy®, Franz Recker, 232191
Masters in Disaster - handling and prevention of complications: case discussion
SIU Academy®, Jean de la Rosette, 233831
Live Surgery 3: RIRS for Large Stone Using High Power Dusting
SIU Academy®, Deok Hyun Han, 232187
Semi-live 3: Innovative Bipolar Prostate Enucleations
SIU Academy®, Li-Ping Xie, 232178
Live Surgery 2: Supine Mini-ECIRS
SIU Academy®, Sung Yong Cho, 233830
Semi-live 2: Laparoscopyic Pyelolithotripsy Combined with RIRS
SIU Academy®, Young Eun Yoon, 232186
Live Surgery 1: Semi-supine Conventional PNL
SIU Academy®, Bum Soo Kim, 232185
Semi-live 1: Ultra Mini PNL for Lower Pole Calyx Stone
SIU Academy®, Kyungtae Ko, 232184
Case Presentation
SIU Academy®, Thomas Herrmann, 233829
LIVE versus SEMI-LIVE: Is it safe?
SIU Academy®, Joyce Baard, 233828
SIU Academy®, Jean de la Rosette, 232172
uTalk - PSNL: Standard or Mini?
SIU Academy®, Thomas Herrmann, 232175
uTalk - Complications in Endoscopic BPO Surgery
SIU Academy®, Joyce Baard, 232176
uTalk - Without laser - No Flexible Ureteroscopy
SIU Academy®, Olivier Traxer, 232180
uTalk - Do we really need new prostatic devices for BPH management?
SIU Academy®, Stavros Gravas, 232182
uTalk - Access sheat for URS are really needed?
SIU Academy®, Sung Yong Cho, 232183
uTalk - Q&A
SIU Academy®, Session Speakers, 233827
SIU-WJU Article of the Month – October 2018
Urethroplasty: predicting complications in a procedure with low complication rate
SIU Academy®, Jack Zuckerman, 234254
The Role of Thromboprophylaxis in Urological Cancers - supported by SIU’s Corporate Sponsor, Sanofi
SIU Academy®, Philippe Violette & Bobby Shayegan, 230988
Improving Patient Outcomes:
Implementing Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) for Radical Cystectomy
SIU Academy®, Session Speakers, 227652
SIU-WJU Article of the Month – September 2018
Consensus recommendations for nonmuscle-invasive bladder cancer: applicable to diverse healthcare environments
SIU Academy®, Dr. Manish I. Patel & Dr. Badrinath R. Konety, 232171
Closing Remarks
SIU Academy®, Jean de la Rosette, 257536
Live surgery: Case 4: Ultrasound Guided Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy
SIU Academy®, Xiaofeng Gao, 257535
Live surgery: Case 3: Flexible Ureteroscopy
SIU Academy®, Sixing Yang, 257534
Live surgery: Case 2: Lap Partial Nephrectomy
SIU Academy®, Qing Yang, 257533
Live surgery: Case 1: TURBT
SIU Academy®, Chuanliang Xu, 257532
GreenLightTM Photoselective Vaporization of the Prostate (GL-PVP)
SIU Academy®, Dr. Mauricio Plata & Dr. Satoru Takahashi, 226737
SIU-WJU Article of the Month – August 2018
Pole position: mini percutaneous nephrolithotomy or flexible ureterorenoscopy?
SIU Academy®, Ranan Dasgupta, 227647
SIU-WJU Article of the Month – July 2018
Realities and Challenges
SIU Academy®, Drs. Oliver Rojas Claros & Rafael Sanchez-Salas, 226306
SIU-WJU Article of the Month – June 2018
Is sildenafil helpful for ureteral stent-related symptoms?
SIU Academy®, Mohammad Hadi Radfar, 221456
Shining a Light on Blue Light Cystoscopy with Hexvix®/Cysview®: What You Need to Know – supported by Photocure Inc.
SIU Academy®, Session Speakers, 218871
Introduction to SIU-ERAS Programme
A Series of Educational Videos Exclusively for SIU's eLearning Portal
SIU Academy®, Stephen Williams, 230953
Peri-operative Pain Management for Radical Cystectomy
SIU Academy®, Siamak Daneshmand, 218376
Optimizing Recovery after Radical Cystectomy
SIU Academy®, Ashish M. Kamat, 218375
Nutrition and Diet around Radical Cystectomy
SIU Academy®, Peter Colin Victor Black, 218374
SIU-WJU Article of the Month – May 2018
Tumour shrinkage as predictor of response in first-line treatment of mRCC with targeted therapy—on opportunities and conundrums
SIU Academy®, Pilar Laguna, 218678
Surgery IV PCNL
SIU Academy®, Session Speakers, 221448
Surgery III Bipolar Enucleation of the Prostate
SIU Academy®, Session Speakers, 219033
Surgery II Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy
SIU Academy®, Session Speakers, 219032
Surgery I - RIRS
SIU Academy®, Session Speakers, 219031
Management of complex ureteric strictures with the DETOUR™ ureteral bypass - supported by SIU’s Corporate Sponsor, Coloplast
SIU Academy®, Ioannis Kartalas Goumas, 212285
SIU-WJU Article of the Month – April 2018
The supine versus prone approach to shockwave lithotripsy for distal ureteric stones—time to settle this argument?
SIU Academy®, Satyendra Persaud, 214433
SIU-WJU Article of the Month – March 2018
Comparison of retropubic, laparoscopic, and robotic radical prostatectomy: which is the winner and how should urologists advise patients?
SIU Academy®, Lukman Hakim, 212214
Patient Reported Outcome Measures
SIU Academy®, Freddie Hamdy, 223496
Registry vs RCT
SIU Academy®, Massimo Valerio, 223497
Financial Implications
SIU Academy®, Rafael Sanchez-Salas, 223498
PART (Partial prostate Ablation versus Radical prosTatectomy) Feasibility Study
SIU Academy®, Freddie Hamdy, 223499
Patient Platform
SIU Academy®, Rachel Giles, 223500
Renal Biopsies Are (not) Needed
SIU Academy®, Christoph Klingler, 223501
Indications for Partial Nefrectomy vs. Ablation
SIU Academy®, Paolo Gontero, 223502
Follow Up of Ablation
SIU Academy®, Francois Cornelis, 223503
Which one is best: CRYO - IRE - RF?
SIU Academy®, Pilar Laguna, 223504
How to Diagnose and Treat Ablation Failure?
SIU Academy®, Thomas J. Polascik, 223505
MRI-US: How Does It Work, Types and Limitations
SIU Academy®, Wulphert Venderink, 223476
MRI-US Fusion for Treatment: Current Status and Possibilities
SIU Academy®, Jochen Walz, 223477
MRI to Avoid Biopsies
SIU Academy®, Ardeshir Rastinehad, 223478
Beyond MRI - What is next
SIU Academy®, Peter Pinto, 223479
3D Shear Wave Elastography
SIU Academy®, Jean Michel Correas, 223480
High Resolution Ultrasound with 29 MHz
SIU Academy®, Jochen Walz, 223481
3D Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound and Dispersion Analysis
SIU Academy®, Jean Michel Correas, 223482
Ultrafast Ultrasound and Doppler Data for Visualization of Microvacularity
SIU Academy®, Charlie Demene, 223483
Radiomics in TRUS: The Reinvention of an Old Story?
SIU Academy®, Tillmann Loch, 223484
PCa Multifocality: Index Lesion and Prostatic Environment
SIU Academy®, Rafael Sanchez-Salas, 223485
Why (not) Treat High Risk Patients
SIU Academy®, Gordon Muir, 223486
Defining Security Margins in Ablative Therapy from Ultrafocal to Hemiablation
SIU Academy®, Andreas Blana, 223487
Novel Treatment Options in Focal Therapy
SIU Academy®, Eric Barret, 223488
M1 PCA: More Sophisticated Than Previously Considered
SIU Academy®, Nicolas Mottet, 223489
Focal HIFU
SIU Academy®, Roland van Velthoven, 223490
Focal PDD
SIU Academy®, José Luίs Domίnguez-Escrig, 223491
Focal IRE
SIU Academy®, Matthijs Scheltema, 223492
Focal Cryo
SIU Academy®, Osamu Ukimura, 223493
Focal Radiation
SIU Academy®, György Kovács, 223494
Focal for Radiation Failure
SIU Academy®, Rafael Sanchez-Salas, 223495
Initial Clinical Experience of Trimodal 18f-Choline-PET/MPMRI/TRUS Targeted Prostate Biopsies: A Pilot Study for a New Concept
SIU Academy®, Roland van Velthoven, 223445

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