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About this activity
Learning Objectives
In this highly educational and interactive symposium, our  multidisciplinary international panel of experts will walk you through real-world case presentations to examine and discuss current treatment practices and the implications of immunotherapy as a potential practice-changing approach for patients with MIUC.

This session is supported by SIU Corporate Sponsor Bristol Myers Squibb.
Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:
  • Review the most recent guidelines for MIUC
  • Examine current challenges and opportunities for improving patient outcomes, including adequate management of treatment-related adverse events
  • eview the role of immunotherapy in MIUC management
  • Analyze emerging data from key clinical trials of immunotherapies in MIUC, including monotherapy, dual therapy, and combination therapy
  • Discuss patient stratification and novel biomarkers in the treatment decision-making for MIUC, with emphasis on the potential impact of immunotherapies in each patient setting

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