Is Smoking as a Risk Factor for Bladder Cancer Poorly Represented on the World Wide Web?
SIU Academy®. Aurangzeb G. Oct 1, 2012; 22202; 55
Dr. Gulmobeen Aurangzeb
Dr. Gulmobeen Aurangzeb
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Smoking is a major risk factor for the development of bladder cancer. Additionally, bladder cancer is the most expensive malignancy to manage. One would therefore expect there to be a reasonable amount of information available to the public on bladder cancer and its associated risk with smoking; we believed this not to be the case. Whilst media campaigns for smoking and lung cancer are well-established, few studies have been conducted to examine the media representation of bladder cancer in smokers. It is our aim to determine if the association of smoking with bladder cancer is fairly represented in the online media, when compared to smoking and lung cancer.
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